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The Most Preferred in the Transportation Sector: PVC Tarpaulins

Another common use of Kaya Tarpaulins is in the transportation sector. With the increased importance of logistics in our lives, especially during the pandemic, the transportation sector has experienced significant growth, driven further by the rising trend in e-commerce. With the global increase in inflation, every product we own now comes at a much higher cost than before. Ensuring that the products we purchase online or from stores are not deformed and are delivered to us under proper transportation conditions has become crucial. While storage is often the first consideration when it comes to preventing damage to products, ensuring that they do not incur damage during transportation is equally important. So, what precautions should be taken to prevent products from getting damaged during transportation?

Ensuring Product Safety with Tarpaulin Solutions for Trucks and Trailers

The use of tarpaulins on trucks and trailers is not only cost-effective and easy to apply but also plays a significant role in protecting the transported goods. With the rise of the transportation sector, there is a growing demand for tarpaulins in the market.

Tarpaulins are typically used to cover and protect the cargo compartments in trucks and trailers, providing a durable and waterproof storage area. Truck tarps, often made of PVC (polyvinyl), are waterproof, durable, and long-lasting. They serve to protect the cargo from external factors, provide resistance against weather conditions, and conceal the transported materials from external view. Additionally, truck tarps can be utilized for advertising and promotion by featuring the name and logo of the transport company or the brand associated with the products being transported.

Not only do truck tarps protect the transported goods, but they also offer an opportunity for advertising and promotion as they display the name and logo of the brand or transport company. Kaya Plastic & Tarpaulin Factory produces Truck and Trailer Tarps in various sizes and colors at a much lower cost when purchased directly from the factory. Our production is certified with TSE (Turkish Standards Institution) and international standards. With over 45 years of experience, we export our products to more than 80 countries, delivering our production to the world.

Truck cover tarps have many uses and types, making them highly beneficial for simplifying life. Let’s take a look at some considerations when using truck tarps:

  1. Under normal conditions, truck tarps are suitable only for open trucks, and they are custom-made for each vehicle’s dimensions.
  2. When in use, attention should be paid to the same hanging height of the tarp on both sides of the vehicle, revealing the vehicle number. The tarp should be flat when there is no cargo exposed. The top part should protrude, the corners at both ends should be tightly secured, and the lines on both sides should be smooth. The size of each piece should not exceed the limit.
  3. The rope should be tied and secured in the correct position, the knot should be firm, and there should be no looseness or falling. The butterfly wing-shaped iron attached to the rope is T-shaped, and the length of the head and tail of the rope should be 100-300 mm.

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