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The Quality of Products is Defined by Their Substance

We produce products that defy challenging conditions with their quality.

“Since 1979, our factory has been in production, boasting a closed production facility of 25,000m².

Thanks to the combination of technical expertise and modern technology, our factory holds the title of the industry’s largest supplier with an annual production capacity exceeding 40,000,000m² of PVC tarpaulin, meeting international standards. By exporting to more than 80 countries, we maintain the position of being the largest exporter in our country’s sector.

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We are the Producer of the Solution.

For 45 years, we have been producing tarps that remain unaffected by the surprises of nature in various fields such as automotive, industry, agriculture, playgrounds, winter gardens, and many more.


There is Kaya Branda & Plastik Signature in the Living Areas

We have focused on making life easier in our productions to date, from truck tarpaulins to fairgrounds, high-capacity tents, and promotional tarpaulins.

Solutions to Make Your Life Easier Canvas

With the experience and accumulation that has been ongoing since 1979, our company has a wide range of products and strives to provide the best service with its expert team parallel to modern machine technology.

We export our products to countries in Europe, as well as Asia and the Middle East, in increasing quantities every year.

Our staff continuously refresh their knowledge through in-house and external training programs, seminars, and stay updated on current technological developments. All kinds of information and product details are computer-supported.

The certificates that demonstrate our production of products in accordance with global standards and high quality are as follows. TSE

Frequently Asked Questions

Our PVC brand is generally used for large size projects. It is used in the chassis connections of carpeted turf coverings and vehicles such as lorries and lorries. It has a 12×12 weave as 2000D fabric. Suitable, Matte, Glossy, single side LAC, double side LAC, Fireproof, Antistatic, Antifungal, UV proof, various colors and features can be added according to customer’s request.

Our PVC tarpaulin is generally used to cover the bodies of large-sized vehicles such as trucks and trucks. It has a 12×12 weave as 2000D fabric. Suitable for printing, Matte, Glossy, single side LAC, double side LAC, Fireproof, Antistatic, Antifungal, UV proof, various colors and features can be added according to customer request.

The PVC transparent mica we produce is generally used in applications such as tents, winter gardens, bags, shoes, tablecloths and cold room doors. Thicknesses can be produced in certain thicknesses between 0.30 mm and 3 mm according to customer request. It can be produced in white, blue, purple and some phosphorescent colors upon request.

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With our exports, our tarpaulins are all over the world.

Our Factory

m2 Our Indoor Facility

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We are Quality and Customer Oriented


We are sensitive to people and the environment

We have the title of the largest supplier in the sector with our PVC tarpaulin production capacity. By exporting to more than 120 countries, we maintain our country’s position as the largest exporter company in the sector.

  • Nature friendly
  • Economical and Fast
  • Open to development