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Inflatable Awning and Pool Cover

4 Popular Uses of PVC Tarpaulin Material

Our PVC tarpaulins possess natural weather resistance and waterproof material quality to protect your belongings from damage. They are durable, cost-effective, and versatile. Here are some of the most common uses, including inflatable awnings and pool covers, for PVC tarpaulins.

PVC tarpaulin fabric is of industrial-grade quality, suitable for heavy-duty use. It is waterproof and has high abrasion and tear resistance. It is effective against oil, acid, heat, and mold. It is ideal for industrial, agricultural, transportation, emergency shelter, medical health treatment, and other daily care applications.

Tarpaulins reduce damage caused by external weather factors (such as severe winds, heavy rain, sunlight, and other unexpected natural conditions) by protecting people and objects in all areas of production and life. Special materials are available for different uses, so choose specific materials for the best effect.

Inflatable Awning

Our PVC tarpaulins for inflatables are made of sturdy polyester coated with double-layer PVC. They are suitable for the production of various inflatable products.

For example, they are widely used for various inflatable products such as inflatable boats, inflatable castles, inflatable toys, water trampolines, soccer fields, inflatable lifeguard boats, volleyball courts, bounce houses, and more.

Why Should I Choose Kaya Tarpaulins?

The first reason is the high strength of Kaya Tarpaulin raw materials, which are resistant to wear, tear, good wind resistance, and have a long service life.
The second significant preference is the impermeability to water, heat, and air, resistance to hydrolysis, and the absence of water leakage.
Strong wind resistance, high and low-temperature resistance, UV resistance, and mold resistance are also among these reasons.
The high-quality use of colors ensures longevity, enduring for years.
Thanks to its powerful flame retardant feature that effectively prevents safety accidents, it protects your products and you against potential threats.
It is odorless, dust-free, and harmless to the human body.
Being easy to clean, store, transport, and made of recyclable material makes it environmentally friendly and ensures long-term use.

Pool Cover

Even though the enjoyment of the pool ends with the arrival of winter and autumn, Kaya Pool Cover Tarpaulins are available to prevent damage to your pool. PVC tarpaulin for the pool is a waterproof cover used to protect your pool from insects, leaves, and other debris falling from trees. With a wide range of products, Kaya Plastic can customize the size and color of the PVC tarpaulin for your pool according to your needs.

Don’t let leaves, dust, branches, or insects spoil your fun. Cover your pool with a tarpaulin and wait for the sun to heat it up again for a clean use.

To save time on cleaning and avoid difficulties, we recommend choosing to cover the pool when it is not in use. Compared to customizing a pool cover, a PVC tarpaulin for the pool is a more affordable and easily obtainable cover material. It can achieve the same purpose. It is held in place with metal rings and elastic cords.

When you cover your pool with a Kaya product:
  • Compared to canvas tarpaulin, PVC tarpaulin has better support and stability that will not be affected over time.
  • It is waterproof and does not allow outside water to enter the pool.
  • It is resistant to acids, so you don’t have to worry about the harmful effects of rainwater.
  • Both sides of the cover prevent deterioration and breakdown in the sun.
  • It has excellent crack resistance.
  • It is easy to install and store, lightweight, and can be applied by anyone.

By contacting Kaya, you can directly obtain the most suitable tarpaulin for your pool according to its dimensions. Thus, the price and quality performance will guide you to make the right decision.