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Challenge the Power of the Wind with Our Pergola Block Out Brand Against the Sky!

While the weather may not always be predictable, knowing your resilience against strong winds is crucial. Pergola Block Out Awnings, manufactured by Kaya Plastik, stand out with their quality. Enjoy sunny days while this mechanism protects you not only from high winds but also from the direct sunlight.

Embrace the sky with confidence!

Why have Pergola Awnings Become the Most Preferred Option?

Designed to create a passageway system and connect through columns or posts, a Pergola is a shading structure. Simultaneously serving as an aesthetically complementary element, a Pergola offers an ideal architectural setup to enjoy the outdoors.

In recent times, people have increasingly chosen to spend more time outdoors and create a comfortable living space in open air. In response to these preferences, Kaya Plastik & Branda produces bioclimatic pergolas, providing an innovative solution that seamlessly aligns with modern lifestyles and allows for year-round use.

The Pergola, constructed from sturdy aluminum frames, provides a durable structure for long-lasting use. Custom-made to fit the size of the space, it creates a practical and personalized environment. The Pergola awning system offers a waterproof feature, providing protection from the sun and rain during the summer months. Additionally, the retractable awning feature serves as an effective shield against external elements.

The Pergola is an ideal choice for roofless balconies, providing not only protection from cold weather conditions but also adding a stylish look. It can be used in open or closed configurations as desired, making it suitable for various settings such as outdoor spaces, picnic areas, villa gardens, cafes, restaurants, and more. Lighting can be added based on specific requests, offering a visually rich spectacle with colored illumination. It is designed to be decorated to suit businesses, outdoor spaces, or private properties.

Pergola systems, easily manageable with a remote control and ensuring silent operation, provide insulation against external factors in their surroundings without causing disturbance. With their aesthetic and visual richness, they harmonize with architectural structures, enhance the quality of life, and offer a comfortable living space. Foldable pergola systems, equipped with advanced automation systems, have been enriched with today’s technology, providing a structure that can be easily controlled.

Pergolas manufactured by Kaya Plastik & Branda offer a modern and functional structure with lighting and control features, making maintenance and cleaning easy. Made from durable aluminum, these pergolas can be remotely controlled, providing insulation, and enhancing the surroundings with color and lighting options. They are a product that adds quality and comfort to their environment.